Premium Track - Company Profile

We all know how difficult it can be to keep track of our loved ones or the challenge of keeping track of your employees. Premium Track has the perfect solution for you. You will now be able to locate anyone, anywhere, anytime. We have numerous GPS tracking devices which we are able to offer you.

For Vehicle or valuable asset tracking one possible solution is the (OBD1) which is plug and play (no installation required). This device simply plugs into the diagnostic port of a vehicle. Its functionality includes multiple alarms & reports. It will immediately report should one of the following events occur. Removal or disconnection/speeding/SOS/Geo fence alarm (no go areas), ACC on / off and maintenance report.

Then we have the Asset GPS Tracker called (AT1), This device is battery powered with a standby time of 365 days. This unit is completely wireless and no installation is required. It can easily be hidden under a motor vehicle or trailer. This device contains two industrial strength magnets which can easily attach onto any flat metal surfaces. It has a IP66 water resistance rating. The unit has a hard rugged external casing which guarantees that it will be shockproof and durable. It can also generate multiple reports based on the driver’s habits and location. You can plan your driver’s routes. Should they deviate from that route, you will be notified via a push notification to your cell phone. If a driver tampers with the device you will get a sms notification that the device is not on the car anymore, or is being tampered with.

Our smaller devices include the personal tracker called the (PT1), this tracker is small enough to attach onto a key ring, wear it around your neck or you can simply keep it in your handbag, kids school bags or sport bags. It is ideal for cyclists or joggers should they encounter an emergency while they are busy training. This device enables you to closely monitor your loved ones or employees. It is packed with features that can only be found only on much larger GPS trackers. It has a built in microphone and speaker as well it also has a SOS button which allows it to operate as a two-way audio device. You can also listen in discreetly. The unit is IP65 water resistant. It’s specialised design guarantees stable operating performance and up to seven days’ standby time.

The kids tracking device is exactly the same as the personal tracker (PT1) it’s just smaller and looks like a gate remote that can be placed in their school bags or pencil bags. It has the same features as the (PT1) and is also water resistant.

Both of these trackers work via GPS and with a sim card. There is a SOS button which when pressed will automatically dial up to three pre defined numbers alerting someone of your emergency. The devices can be pre programmed to be silent when ringing. The unit will automatically answer without anyone knowing. The personal trackers can be used as a cell phone if necessary, to a pre-defined number.